Saturday, April 2, 2011


Well, it has been several weeks since I have had the time to post any updates here on Preserved and Pickled.  Spring is finally “officially” here but Mother Nature hasn’t been making nice in my neck of the woods, what with lots of snow, ice storms and electrical outages; she even played her own April Fool’s joke by covering us one more time with icy rain and snow!

All the while gardening magazines continue to arrive through the mail, teasing me with images of lovely blooming flowers and vegetables, while all I can do is dream about the moment when I will actually be able to get outdoors and dig around in the dirt, hopefully cultivating more vegetables than weeds. In the meantime, I have been perusing my pickling cookbooks reviewing my tried and true recipes, exploring new possibilities, and gearing up for a busy season at work.

I am the Administrative Coordinator at Crop Production Services in Amenia, NewYork, which basically translates to the “Jane-of-all-Trades” in the office.  We are an agricultural supply company servicing mostly dairy farmers – yes, there are still dairy farmers here in our little corner of the world - as well as beef and sheep farmers, vegetable gardeners, equestrians, and anyone who plays out in their yards making the grass, flowers and trees look beautiful, so spring and summer are a particularly busy time for me.

What I am really looking forward to, though, are those few glorious moments when I am not chained to the office and can get out to the farmers markets and the fresh fruit and vegetables they will supply that I could never hope to produce on my own, as well as the fun and delicious ways I will be able to preserve them.  Stay tuned!

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